Season in Review: Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

The second season of Call of Duty is ending, so we thought it would only be right to put our thoughts down on paper. What were our thoughts on the season? What did we like and what did we hate? What did Activision hit on and what did they miss?

The Good

Let’s start with a few quality-of-life things that the devs did great. Adding the ability to run and put on plates was a significant improvement. I don’t anyone would rather have the slow walk that we were stuck with in Season One.

Ashika is a nice change-of-pace map. The elevation change is solid and having a rebirth option is always a lot of fun.

The Bad

It seems like every season Activision adds a gun that is overpowered. I don’t know if it’s to get players to grind another gun so they can use the gun or if they think the gun was genuinely ok to start with, but the KB Broadside was incredibly annoying to play against. Thankfully, there was a somewhat quick nerf to it, but now players are spamming the Basilisk with snakeshots which isn’t much better.

Water. I don’t understand why there need to be water elements. It’s incredibly hard to play against and ratting in the water is almost too easy.

The Ugly

Looting. I don’t think anyone realized how good we had it in the first Warzone. It was easy to pick up weapons and identify what you were picking up. If your weapons aren’t clipping through the ground, the incorrect weapon graphic is being shown in the preview. If you

What was that April Fool’s mode? Did anyone ask for it? Did anyone even enjoy it? And then to not give anyone the option to play a different mode was ridiculous.

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