MicroPets ($PETS) – #1 Trending Cryptocurrency Today (11/27/2021)

MicroPets $PETS NFT

MicroPets ($PETS)

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Micropets is taking advantage of the NFT craze by transforming your favorite meme into a pet NFT. Through their exclusive dApp, users can buy MicroPets crates that will award the buyer a pet with a random rarity and staking reward. Once acquiring the NFT, the owner has the ability to trade or stake their new pet.

By carefully choosing the BEP-1155 standard, the team has created a much better user-experience for the end-user. The BEP-1155 standard allows multiple NFT crates to be bought through one transaction, allowing for higher throughput and efficiency.

What sets MicroPets apart from it’s competitors is the quality that their dev team adheres to. They were audited by Certik, the gold standard of cryptocurrency audits, and currently hold a 91 Skynet security score.

The MicroPets team has now begun positioning itself for the future by strategically partnering with crypto gaming company Cubix to develop a Play-to-Earn (P2E) “MicroPets Run” game while also looking into Metaverse integration. They are also developing the ability to “farm” your micropets – locking up your pet for 14 days to evolve them into a better, more rare NFT.

To learn more about MicroPets, check out their website: https://micropets.io/

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