Where is the Best Place to Find your Call of Duty Warzone 2 stats?

For those of us that have been playing Warzone 2 for the last few months, we endured the entire first season without a stat tracker. Multiplayer was given a stat tracker during season one, and Warzone players eventually were during season 2. Now that we are given the stat tracker, how do you access it?

How to Access the Warzone 2 Stat Tracker?

  1. Open Call of Duty Warzone 2.0
  2. In the game menu, press the Menu button on the Xbox controller, Option button on the Playstation controller, and the application key on your keyboard
  3. A menu should open and from the options, choose the Stats option
  4. Change to the Battle Royale option for an overview of your Combat Record

One thing to note from the stats you are seeing is that this is from Season 2 and beyond. All stats from the start of the game in November 2022 through the start of Season 2 are not included.

An additional note is that a player must play 5 games in order for their combat record to become “unlocked”.

Let us know if you have any issues and happy hunting!

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